Making return-to-work safer and smarter

Concerned about workplace safety and potential outbreaks? The Gardian Health & Safety Monitor has your business covered

DESPITE GROWING UNCERTAINTY caused by the Covid-19 Delta variant, SurfaceScience Inc. is helping businesses reopen with confidence thanks to their innovative solution ― the Gardian HS Monitor.

With automated sanitization and temperature screening, The Gardian HS Monitor is North America’s only health screening system that automatically records temperature and time data, with up-to-date reports that are easily accessible via secure smartphone and desktop apps.

Smart Entrance Screening System with Data Reporting

Available in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC (Near Field Communication) models, Gardian HS Monitors feature fully adjustable settings like sound, language selection, temperature offset, and audible voice alerts ― right at your fingertips.

The Gardian unit simultaneously detects an individual’s temperature and collects time, temperature, and date data, while dispensing hand sanitizer to the user. The temperature reading is then digitally displayed on the unit along with an audible voice announcement. Meanwhile, the data is then pushed and securely stored on Gardian's secure cloud system, remaining accessible to the administrator at any time.

Safeguarding Employees and Customers, and Preventing Workplace Outbreaks

When an individual with an above-average temperature uses the screening system, Gardian's thermal temperature sensors instantly trigger high-temperature audible announcements and in-app alerts.

These alerts notify the administrator of possible infected individuals to help mitigate the transmission of the virus. It also allows the administrator the ability to intervene and provide user guidance, preventing the spread of potential contagions.

High-temperature alerts are crucial for the early detection of potential viruses and bacteria transmission. By incorporating the Gardian HS Monitor you will not only secure entrances to your establishment, but it will also assist in the prevention of individuals with fevers from further entering the premises undetected.

Making return-to-work safer and smarter | Gardian | SurfaceScience Inc.

Simplified Compliance with Public Health Protocols

With the Gardian HS Monitors you can generate daily, weekly, and monthly data reports in seconds. These data reports can assist public health inspectors in verifying your adherence to Covid screening and contact tracing, and streamline business compliance with the local, provincial, and federal health protocols now in place for the safe return of employees and customers.

Making return-to-work safer and smarter | Gardian | SurfaceScience Inc.

“Employers are extremely anxious about the safety of employees and customers with the resurgence of cases due to the new Covide-19 Delta variants. Along with vaccinations, additional screening measures need to be in place to prevent workplace outbreaks,” says Donald Hawken, president of SurfaceScience. “The Gardian HS Monitor provides that assurance by detecting personnel with irregular temperatures, hence reducing the speed of virus transmission in a work setting.”

Smart Technology, Sophisticated Design and Versatile Applications

Gardian units are mountable on a wall, countertop stand, or telescopic stand. Their portability and versatility make them perfect for retail, public, and corporate spaces. Additionally, every unit has a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Making return-to-work safer and smarter | Gardian | SurfaceScience Inc.

Keeping Social Anxiety Out of the Office

Businesses can confidently welcome customers and staff back to their establishments and workplaces by ensuring solid screening measures at entrances. Gardian HS Monitors can also help leaders and business owners demonstrate that customer and employee safety is their top priority.

Making return-to-work safer and smarter | Gardian | SurfaceScience Inc.

SurfaceScience cares for the health and safety of all individuals and has made upgrading to an advanced Gardian HS Monitor easy with its Gardian Upgrade Program. Businesses can now trade in their old Gardian model with full credit and pay the difference for the upgraded model.

Ready to say goodbye to manual temperature checks and contact tracing hassles? Get in touch with SurfaceScience today to strengthen your back-to-work strategy.

Making return-to-work safer and smarter | Gardian | SurfaceScience Inc.