How Should I Clean Out Old Spray Bottles For Re-Use?

We see the messages all the time “Stop buying plastic”, “There is too much plastic in our world” and “Recycling is the answer’”. Then in the same day we read articles about how our plastic waste items don’t ever make it to be recycled, even when we put them in the designate containers due to municipal regulations and the demand from manufacturers for used plastic.

We are all trying to do our part to reduce the amount of plastic that is ending up in our environment and sometimes it feels that our options are limited. One thing we CAN do is to reuse the plastic spray bottles we already have in our homes. Our team encourages you to go ahead and clean out those already manufactured plastic bottles so you can reuse them with OneTab household cleaning tabs.

So you ask – how exactly can I “clean” a “cleaner” bottle to ensure there are no reactions with the OneTab?

Here are some suggested steps to take to clean out the bottle you plan to reuse:

  1. Be sure to remove all the remaining product from the bottle you are going to reuse.

empty contents of the bottle


   2 . Rinse bottle thoroughly with warm tap water. Rule of thumb is to continue rinsing the bottle until no more bubbles or foam is noticed. 


  3. Pour a small amount of vinegar into the bottle and again fill with warm water,   insert the nozzle and spray until you feel the nozzle has been cleaned (usually when spray is clear with no bubbles or foam from the previous product is visible).


4. Pour out remaining vinegar water and do one final quick rinse to remove any vinegar remains.

rinse and repeat

  1. If you are applying the provided OneTab label to the bottle, ensure that the exterior of the spray bottle is completely dry.                                                              
  2. Then Drop in the OneTab of your choice, Fill with warm water and once the tablet dissolves replace your spray nozzle and Shake.

sticker and tab

        7.  Feel good knowing you just stopped one more bottle from going to the landfill 😊

we’re doing our part to help reduce consumer plastic waste – are you doing yours?