SurfaceScience Introduces TotalSTOP 12-Hour Tick Protection Wipes

Heading into Lyme Disease Awareness Month, SurfaceScience Inc. Announces TotalSTOP 12-Hour Tick Protection

Tick-borne illnesses are increasingly becoming a real health concern in Canada. TotalSTOP™ combats this problem with a revolutionary DEET-Free product that offers a powerful, safe defence against bites from ticks, mosquitoes and many other bugs.

London, Ontario - SurfaceScience Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of TotalSTOP 12-hour tick protection for Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

A tick bites’ results can range from annoying and uncomfortable to lengthy and severe health concerns. With the number of ticks rising in many communities across Canada, the demand for effective, health-conscious, safe ways to protect against ticks is high. In exciting news, London, Ontario-based SurfaceScience Inc. is answering the call with the launch of TotalSTOP Wipes. This wipe protects against ticks for a full 12 hours. Notably, the wipes are safe for the whole family, including infants and pregnant women. The new wipes are Health Canada Approved and US EPA-Registered. In the short time, the large wipes have been available, they are already becoming a leader in their category, fueled by their superior waterproof formula.

Canadians are taking eco-friendly options quite seriously. In that spirit, London, Ontario-based company SurfaceScience Inc. recently introduced TotalSTOP tick-repellent wipes. These safe and effective wipes are the first in their category for the Canadian market to be DEET-free, individually wrapped, waterproof, and feature eco-friendly 100% recyclable packaging and fully biodegradable wipes.

“We saw a real need for a wipe that protects against ticks that is also safe for everyone to use,” commented a spokesperson from SurfaceScience. “TotalSTOP is gentle, non-oily or greasy and is odourless - perfect for individuals with skin sensitivities, allergy sufferers, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and children six months or older.”

According to the company, TotalSTOP provides an alternative to DEET, which can present health risks. Instead, the active ingredient is Icaridin. Icaridin is Health Canada Approved and acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC as safe and effective. Both organizations and others worldwide point to Icaridin as the substance of choice instead of DEET-based products, as it is free from DEET’s health concerns while still working to prevent tick bites.

TotalSTOP is not only effective against ticks, mosquitoes, and black flies – but many other biting insects as well. Early feedback for the wipes has been entirely positive.

“We have a problem with ticks as our property backs onto a park. TotalSTOP works so well and without any annoying smell. I totally recommend the wipes!”

- Kim C., from Bradford

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