From the President

In February of 2007 I made the commitment to lead the company in a new and exciting direction that would benefit our business, our customers and the environment in a positive way. The indications were coming from numerous contacts and business exchanges that the world was demanding change. Utilizing the 34 years of knowledge that I had gained at the time, the company set out on a worldwide search for innovative products composed of unique chemistry from business’s with integrity & history, and from people who shared the same vision.

The past 15 years has been an exciting and inspirational learning experience complete with new sciences, new formulations, new found friendships with individuals and companies from around the globe. The most satisfying outcome has been the opportunity to develop these new products with the help of our new friends and business partners and see first-hand the positive reactions of those we present our SurfaceScience branded products to.

Not only are our products proprietary, patented and state- of-the-art, our products actually make a difference in how people live and work and will make a effective dent in our environmental footprint moving forward if we all do our part. Our goal 15 years ago to help the environment has been realized today and we will continue to grow because of what we have learned, our supplier’s commitment and our customer’s understanding. We thank you for your support of SurfaceScience and look forward to achieving greater results that will benefit everyone including Mother Earth.

President -
Donald Hawken