Defend Fabric Protector FAQs

Is it safe for use on furniture with young kids?

BioBrand® Defend™ is water-based, non-toxic, and contains no VOC's or fluorinated particulates.

It is not considered a controlled product under work place health hazards and has been tested for long term exposures air borne or physical contact.

After spraying how long do you wait until cured and you can use the furniture?

Drying time indoors is about 3 hours under normal conditions and normal room temperatures.

Where can I purchase BioBrand Defend™? Is it on any shelves in any retail stores?

You can purchase it online through our secure website.

What ingredients are in BioBrand® Defend™ Fabric Protector?


How often do you have to reapply the fabric protector to the surface?


What do you recommend to used to clean the surface after Defend™ is applied?


Is there anything in particular that should be done to prepare the surface prior to product application? 


 What is "Mist Fogging"?

Mist fogging" refers to the creation of a fine mist or fog of liquid particles in the air.

When you apply the Defend Fabric Protector using the sprayer provided, the sprayed particles are not so fine or small that they would form a mist or fog in the air. This can be advantageous in certain applications, as a mist or fog might be more challenging to control and could potentially lead to uneven or excessive application of the product.

The adjustable nozzle of the sprayer/atomizer allows users to control the size of the particles being sprayed, providing flexibility based on your preferences and the requirements of the application.