TotalSTOP Wipes Now Available in Convenient Travel Packs

SurfaceScience Announces TotalSTOP Insect Repellent Wipes Now Available in Convenient Travel Packs

It is quite common to need a convenient, reliable insect repellent while on the go. To meet consumer demand, TotalSTOP wipes can now be purchased in 10 packs perfect for travel.

London, Ontario - SurfaceScience Inc. meets consumer demand by offering bulk packages of TotalSTOP insect repellent wipes for travellers.

For many families, vacations or other travel involves outdoor adventure. Depending on the location and time of year, this can often involve exposure to ticks and other annoying or dangerous insects. Having access to the right resources can prevent a lot of stress. In that spirit, the new leader in the Deet-Free insect repellent market, SurfaceScience, recently gave the good news that its popular product TotalSTOP wipes are now available in travel packs of 10. TotalSTOP is unique on the Canadian market for its effective, family-friendly formula, which is DEET-free.

“We love hearing from our customers and learning how and where they most often use our products,” commented a spokesperson from the TotalSTOP team. “We can see that our convenient multi-insect repellent wipes are something that users appreciate - to have trusted protection available. With that in mind, we designed and released our new travel packs! It is all about having great communication with our customers and helping identify and supply what they are in need of.”

According to the company, travelling outside Canada with TotalSTOP wipes is convenient and is highly recommended. The ingredients in the formulation is recommended the World Health Organization (WHO) the CDC and numerous health and safety Organizations in the EU and worldwide.

Each wipe will cover an adult body and reliably protects against mosquitoes and ticks for 12 hours. With this in mind, a family can accurately plan out how many travel packs they need for a trip.

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