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OneTab’s P2 PerOxytabs Disinfectant tabs are pre-proportioned disinfection tablets ideal for home use. Say goodbye to Disinfectant hunting and paper-towel/wipes shopping, because Canada’s 1st Disinfectant Tablet is here exclusively from SurfaceScience®!

These easy-to-use, non-toxic, odour-free disinfection tabs will provide a cleaner, safer environment while protecting your family from virus's and pathogens. These one-of-a-kind Disinfectant tabs are formulated to eliminate a wide range of virus's and pathogens quickly.

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  • P2 PerOxytabs® II Disinfectant Without Chlorine
    OneTab PRO+ P2 PerOxytabs® II Disinfectant Without Chlorine | 6g | Makes 1L - From SurfaceScience
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