ONEMOP® Kit -16pc
ONEMOP® Kit -16pc
ONEMOP® Kit -16pc

ONEMOP® Kit -16pc

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OneMop® Handle, the mop functions the same as a regular mop, but with it's flat-head design, the mop delivers consistent amounts of liquid and cleaning power to the surface while reducing puddling and wet spots. The two strips of velcro on the base are used to attach disposable pads to the unit. With the velcro located on the unit and not the actual mop pad itself - it ensures that the velcro won't wear out form repeated washings and poor mop pad maintenance.


1x telescopic handle
2x Mop Base Size (Small and Medium
1x Scrubbing Mop (Small)                                                                                         
1x Wet Mop (medium)
1x Dry Mop (Medium)
1Dust Mop (Medium)                                                                                              1x Window Cloth
1x Dusting Cloth
1x Cleaning Cloth                                                                                           2x One Wipes (18 x 18)
2x OneMop (Small)
2x OneMop (Medium)


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