The Importance of Tick Bite Prevention

The Importance of Tick Bite Prevention | Beat The Deet Blog Post | from TotalSTOP

Ticks are notoriously famous for causing Lyme Disease, but what if we tell you that these bloodsuckers can also transmit several other debilitating diseases? There are 4 to 5 major tick-borne illnesses, but ticks are vectors known to carry more than 18 diseases. As if Lyme Disease alone wasn’t enough of a problem, several co-infections can also develop alongside one disease.

Not all ticks are infected. For an infection to occur, the feeding tick must host the pathogen.

In places such as the US, only 30-50% will be infected with Borrelia burgdorferi. In the case of Lyme Disease, transmission is quite rare. Only about 1.2 to 1.4 % of tick bites result in infection.  

But don’t consider that a relief; the primary problem is diagnosis.

In general, for rapid diagnosis of tick-borne diseases, specific laboratory tests are not available. Antibiotic treatment is prescribed first-hand based on serious symptoms alone, hence, why tick bite prevention is extremely important.

Tick-Populations Are On The Rise

In Canada Alone: 14,616 Lyme disease cases were reported from 2009-2021

Tick populations are increasing at a staggering rate, and these blood-thirsty leechers are expanding to new areas.

There were 22,527 tick-borne disease cases reported in 2004, but they reached nearly 60,000 in 2019, and that was only in the United States. In Canada, ticks are moving at a fast rate of 34-35 km per year towards the north, and with it: Lyme Disease. Compared to 2020, Lyme Disease cases have nearly doubled in 2021 and are on the rise in Canada.

It is speculated that climate change may be why tick populations are spreading into new areas, increasing tick-borne illnesses in humans. View a list of Tick-Borne Illnesses here.

Prevention From Tick Bites

Although ticks are present all your round, they are most active from April to September, when you need to take the most care.

It is the outdoors where you come to contact these parasites, so know where to expect ticks before you go outdoors.

  • Ticks love grassy, brushy, or wooded areas with litter. The part where your lawn meets an unmaintained space is their favorite. Avoid that and walk in the center of the trails.
  • Only use EPA-registered insect repellents such as TotalSTOP.
  • Check you and your childrens’ clothing, and examine gear and pets after you come indoors.
  • Check in and around the hair, in and around the ears, under your arms, inside the belly button, around the waist, between the legs & back of the knees.
  • Put your dry clothes in a dryer for 10 minutes on high heat to kill ticks.
  • After the examination, shower as soon as possible within 2 hours, and afterward, rub your body with a rough cloth.

Now, there is no need to be paranoid about ticks, no need to stop going outside. You can still enjoy the outdoor activities like hiking, camping, playing sports or just walking, because we have developed something safe, non-irritant, and effective.

Tick bite prevention is very important and you can safely exercise it with TotalSTOP. TotalSTOP is a DEET-free insect repellent utilizing Icaridin as an active ingredient. Icaridin is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the CDC, and is EPA-Registered. It provides long-lasting, 12-hour protection from all kinds of ticks and mosquitos and 10-hour protection from black flies.

Icaridin is approved for use in 40+ countries, and TotalSTOP is perfect for the whole family including individuals with skin sensitivities, children that are 6+ months, pregnant, and nursing mothers!

TotalSTOP is available in spray & wipes. It is non-toxic, odourless & water-resistant with a non-greasy formula that lasts all day.


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