10 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Need TotalSTOP Insect Repellent

10 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Need TotalSTOP Insect Repellent | from TotalSTOP

Spiders, black flies, mosquitoes, and other dangerous insects cause deadly diseases including malaria. You'll find plenty of these pesky insects while gaming or hiking in the woods. They thrive in warm and humid temperatures.

Canada is home to over 80 species of mosquitoes (1). But the most dangerous ones are Anopheles, Aedes, and Culex. Male mosquitoes pose no risk to human health. They prefer nectar and plant juice. Female mosquitoes however, require the proteinin your blood to breed and survive. They're tiny yet very dangerous. So, you need an effective repellent to keep them away while you're busy.

Icaridin-based insect repellents like TotalSTOP are popular. They protect you by blocking an insects' ability to sense your presence.

There have been countless scientific tests and trials on humans and animals. In the end, scientists came up with proven benefits attached to Icaridin-based repellent usage.

In response, multiple agencies including the World Health Organization (WHO) have endorsed Icaridin-based repellent usage.

An Effective Prevention Strategy For Vector-Borne Diseases

Mosquitoes are vectors of different diseases including malaria and yellow fever. Five main parasites are responsible for transmitting malaria: Plasmodium Falciparum, Plasmodium vivax, Plasmodium ovale, Plasmodium knowlesi, and Plasmodium malariae (2).

Plasmodium Falciparum is the deadliest of all five. Some medical experts advise you to stay indoors when mosquitoes aremost active. But it also means missing out on fun activities like fishing and hiking in the woods. So scientists had to come upwith a prevention strategy for vector-borne diseases.

First, the US Military came up with DEET in 1980 (3), but, DEET has some pitfalls like poisoning through over exposure, skin reddening, and rashes. It also has a high level of toxicity when ingested.

Because of the issues with DEET-based repellent, Bayer Corporation developed a better option in Icaridin (4) with the molecular formula, C12 H23 F9 NO3.

After several tests on humans and animals, the United States Environmental Protection Agency introduced Icaridin to the public in 2005. One study revealed that insect repellent ingredients like Icaridin will offer 97% protection against mosquito bites (5). According to them the effect should last for at least 5 hours. TotalSTOP insect repellent offers 12-hour protection against dangerous insects.

Health Canada officially licensed Icaridin-based insect repellents in 2012 (6). The country's Advisory Committee on Tropical Medicine and Travel highly recommends Icaridin-based repellents for travellers between the ages of six months to 12 years.

10 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Need TotalSTOP Insect Repellent | from SurfaceScience

Here are 10 proven reasons Icaridin is the best insect repellent:

1. Prolonged Efficacy - Up to 12 Hours

In 2009, the US EPA conducted an experiment that lasted for nine days (15th-24th, January). They discovered that Icaridin can offer 12-hour protection against bugs.

Another study reveals that compared to DEET, Icaridin is more effective and keeps mosquitoes at a greater distance. The report also revealed that while Icaridin will stop them from identifying you, DEET will only prevent a bite.

2. Non-Irritant Nature

If your outdoor activities would involve extended hours of mosquito exposure, an effective insect repellent will protect you. Unlike Icaridin, DEET might cause skin reddening and rashes for people with sensitive skin. It evaporates more quickly than Icaridin so you’ll have to apply it several times. If you are sensitive to it, Icaridin-based repellent will work best for you. It does not irritate the skin and eyes.

3. Zero Allergic Reaction/Low Toxicity

Unlike DEET, Icaridin shows no negative reaction in humans because of its low toxicity when inhaled. A 2015 study also revealed that dermal or oral exposure to Icaridin has a minor effect on humans (7).

The US EPA also reported that under moderate environmental and PH conditions, Icaridin is stable to hydrolysis. The agency also revealed four levels for measuring the toxicity of repellent ingredients.

4. a 20% Concentration Effectively Repels Mosquitoes

Science has revealed that a 20% concentration of Icaridin is highly effective (8). In comparison to 30% concentration in DEET. Northstar Dermatology advises you to choose an insect repellent with about 20-50% concentration of DEET. They also warned that too much of the ingredient can lead to neurological damage.

KidsHealth advises you repellents with a higher concentration of DEET if you intend to stay outdoors for long. According to them, higher concentration means longer protection. However, in a previous report, we unraveled how longer exposure canactually be dangerous to your health.

Too much application of the ingredient can cause skin problems (The American Academy of Pediatrics). Besides, Northstar Dermatology revealed that Icaridin does not evaporate from the skin as quickly as DEET. Applying TotalSTOP Icaridin-based repellent up to three times daily at a 12-hour intervals is enough.

5. Great For Expectant Mothers

10 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Need TotalSTOP Insect Repellent | from SurfaceScience

If you’re an expectant mother, it’s normal to avoid areas with mosquito infestation. Exploring the woods, or doing outdoor activities in insect-prone areas without a good insect repellent is risky.

In 2001, a group of scientists in Thailand tested DEET on 900 pregnant women. One of their findings revealed that DEET can get to the fetus through the placenta. Although they revealed that it has no negative effect on growth and development, it’s best choose a safe alternative, Icaridin (9).

So check to see that your repellent contains Icaridin not DEET. Science has revealed that Icaridin-based repellents pose nohealth risks to both mother and fetus.

6. No Greasy Feel, No Residue

Insect repellents with the DEET ingredient feel greasy and make you uncomfortable and sweaty. Yet, you will need to apply itconsistently throughout the day for optimal results. Some studies report that it is the primary reason you might suffer from skin rashes and reddening after long exposure. TotalSTOP offers 12-hour protection. No need for repeated usage.

7. Icaridin is Safe on Materials

10 Scientifically Proven Reasons You Need TotalSTOP Insect Repellent | from SurfaceScience

Another benefit of Icaridin is that you can use it on several materials including plastics and fabrics. So your fishing lines, hiking backpack, and other items are safe. DEET damages synthetic coatings like sunglasses, and GPS units. It also dissolves nylon (10).

8. Easy SPF Absorption

Icaridin does not affect sunscreen absorption in any way. It is light-weight and lasts longer. Studies have shown that DEET will slow your sunscreen absorption by 30 to 40% (12). Avoid products that combine the DEET ingredient with Icaridin. They are dangerous and increase your chances of DEET over-exposure.

9. A Better Alternative to DEET

TotalSTOP Deet-Free Icaridin Insect Repellent | from SurfaceScience

Scientists have proven that Icaridin is the better alternative to DEET. There are several others like permethrin, and P-menthane-3,8-diol. But just like DEET, these options are dangerous to your health (11). Icaridin is non-toxic, non-irritant and long-lasting. It also poses no risk to infants unlike DEET.

10. Endorsed By the World Health Organization and Several Others

Several health bodies have endorsed the Icaridin ingredient: the World Health Organization (WHO), US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). The Canadian Advisory Committee on Tropical Medicine and Travel have also recommended Icaridin-based repellents for travellers' long-term use.

TotalSTOP Deet-Free Icaridin Insect Repellent | from SurfaceScience

Conclusion: DEET-Free Means Fewer Risks

TotalSTOP insect repellent uses WHO-recommended Icaridin as its active ingredient. It offers a long-lasting protection against harmful insects, it is non-greasy, and non-irritant.

If you'd rather avoid risks with DEET, check the repellent to be sure that the active ingredient is Icaridin. It will save you thestress of worrying about overexposure, skin reddening, and rashes.

Beat The Deet with TotalSTOP Deet-Free Icaridin Insect Repellent | from SurfaceScience